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Germany Could Be a Model for How We'll Get Power in the Future October 15, 2015
The European nation's energy revolution has made it a leader in replacing nukes and fossil fuels with wind and solar technology.
Banking on solar September 8, 2015
Liz Snell wanted to install solar panels on her Guelph home to support renewable energy and make a difference to the environment. It was to her disappointment that she found her roof was too shaded and oddly shaped for solar panels. Plus, they're a lot of money – upwards of $30,000. Then she heard about the Guelph Renewable Energy Co-op (GRECo) and realized she could still help the city reduce its fossil fuel usage.
Guelph solar project now generating power in the city's east end August 31, 2015
Rows upon rows of solar panels cover the rooftop on a building in the city's east end, turning sunlight into energy, and energy into money.